Affordable and Easy
to Maintain

Keep strangers out and your dogs in with one our durable
chain link fences.

Keep Nosy Neighbours at Bay with Our Charming Wood Fences

A wood fence can certainly add a classic style to your property, while also providing greater privacy. For this reason, many of our clients in the Niagara Region choose to have a wood fence installed around their backyards and swimming pools. At Sheppard Fence, we offer a variety of pressure-treated materials, ranging from more affordable to high-end wood, to make sure you can get the look you want, regardless of your budget.

Boost the Curb Value of Your Property

Putting up a wood fence around your house will add security, privacy and style, ultimately increasing the value of your property. With a little bit of maintenance, a wood fence will last for decades, giving your home a timeless charm. However, a wood fence can be easily customized to fit its ever-changing surroundings with a rainbow of wood stains and paints.

Whether you're thinking of putting up a wood fence, or you already have one, give us a call for an estimate on installation and maintenance.