Installation and Repair

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Get a Custom-Designed Iron Fence for Your Property in Niagara Region

Surrounding your property with an ornamental iron fence not only makes a strong statement, but it also contributes to the overall landscaping concept and provides durable protection against trespassers. You can count on Sheppard Fence in St. Catharines to design, manufacture and install a fence that will complement the character of your residential, commercial or industrial building. Take a look at some of our fences installed in the Niagara Region and give us a call to receive a quote.

Choose the Look of Your Fence

Out of all materials, ornamental iron gives you the most freedom when it comes to customizing the look of your gate and fencing. If visibility and strength are important considerations in your choice, ornamental iron fencing provides both, while offering many design and finishing possibilities.

Still not sure what to choose? Contact Sheppard Fence to discuss your options in detail.